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Minutes of the WCL Committee meeting held on Monday 18 March 2019 7.15pm

1. Present:

T.Williams (Chair), P.Wileman, K.Williams, D.McGonnigal, C.Twiname, P, Wilson, T. Mansfield, K. James&P. Gladstone, P.McDermid, M Spence & R. Hunt.

Apologies: D.Hackney, T.Hadwin, & A. Thomas.

2. Sedbergh School

Martin Speight attended the meeting as a representative of the new Sedbergh School team. He was accompanied by Julian Cann who attended on behalf of the Sedbergh Town team. They emphasised their commitment to work together with the medium term aim of re-establishing a Town team in the League. It was confirmed that the team in the League in 2019 would essentially be a school team, with a couple of Masters. In the Cup it would be a Masters’ team. Where possible players from the previous club would be welcome to play. TW explained that eligibility criteria would apply as for every other club. It was emphasised that if a first team player wanted to play returning from injury for instance then prior approval from the Eligibility Committee would be required.

JC had requested that the Town team be able to enter the Cup. It was explained that regrettably as the request had been made after the draws had been made that it would not be possible for 2019.

Martin Speight confirmed that they would be able to host a game on June 30th which is the first day of the Lancashire v Durham county match at the School. Martin and Julian were thanked for their attendance.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting

Minutes of the Committee meeting held on the 21st February 2019 were approved with an amendment to that Sedbergh should read Sedbergh School.

4. Matters Arising

a) Eligibility of Players and Arrangements for Pool Players

CT had updated the rules. These were agreed with the amendment that for under 18s responsibility for approving use of a pool player would be with the player’s parents rather than the host club.

5. Appointment of LWO and Umpires' Secretary
Since the last meeting, David Fowler had resigned as Umpires’ Secretary because of ill health. TM and PWils had made the appointments for the season. Mike Spence had volunteered to return as Umpire’s Secretary. He said that he felt that he had not performed the role as well as he would have liked and promised that he would try better this season, particularly in terms of communication. He confirmed that he has a working mobile phone and that text messaging is often the best way of contacting him.
TM noted that there were around 40 games where two panel umpires had been requested, but it was not possible to make appointments because of a shortage of umpires. He had spoken with the Appointments Secretary for the Northern League and Palace Shield and it had been agreed that umpires from those Leagues who are based in North Lancashire or Cumbriabe given the opportunity to umpire games in the WCL when they don’t have a NL or PS appointment. For this reason, there would be some games shown in Division 1 without an umpire where if an umpire from another League was not available then an umpire would be moved from a Division 2 appointment. It was agreed that a strategy to recruit more umpires was required, and that during the season a meeting would be sought between representatives of SLACO, the LMC and neighbouring Leagues.
It was agreed that TM would continue to act as the link with the Northern League and Palace Shield, liaising with MS. It was agreed that it is important that clubs are notified of changes to appointments, and where possible appointments will be shown on the website. MS was welcomed back to the role of Umpires’ Secretary.
Nick Gent had not replied to the suggestion that he might be prepared to act as League Welfare Officer, which had been made from the floor at the AGM. Paul Wileman offered to take on the role. This was agreed.

6. Suspect Bowling Action Protocol
A protocol for umpires to manage suspect bowling actions with the emphasis on support for the player was agreed, with the replacement of the section on video recording with of field observation. This would be shared with clubs and umpires at the pre-season meeting.
7. Amendment to rule 13h
It had been pointed out that the rule passed at the AGM needed a minor revision to make it workable. It was agreed to change the rule (in accordance with Rule 3 of the League Rules)
8. 2019 season:
i) Fixtures and umpiring appointments
All complete expect for three umpire assignments to be reallocated so the umpire is not standing in their club’s games. The Junior League fixtures need uploading onto the website.
ii) Eligibility Rules for Cups (correspondence from Kirkby Lonsdale and Sedbergh attached)
Discussed under item 2. TM to respond formally to Julian Cann and Phil Sinclair
iii) Captain's meeting arrangements
Agreed that the meeting will discuss:
• Application of Rule 13 (h)
• Use of Play Cricket for all reporting of results
• Revised Eligibility/Pool arrangements
• Distribution of balls and handbooks
• Pyramid structure proposal
iv) Play Cricket Training
TM reported on numbers that had booked for the three evenings. CT would write again to Clubs’ Junior contacts. TW outlined the arrangements for the training. Participants would need a laptop/tablet, a pre-2018 scorebook and log in rights to their club’s site.
v) Handbook and websites
TM to forward PDF adverts received to TW for uploading
vi) DBS Certificates
13 applicants had contacted TW to start the online process. Certificates were being returned quickly. One club had questioned what would happen if a captain did not apply for clearance. TW clarified after speaking to the County CWO that the League’s responsibility is due diligence and if a club chooses not to follow safeguarding arrangements then if there was a problem then the Chairman of the club would be ultimately liable.
TW would also check that umpires DBS status of umpires.
9. EGM Statement of Intent and arrangements for meeting
TW proposed changes to the Statement of Intent following a meeting with representatives of the Eden Valley League. These were agreed. It was noted that the arrangements in Cumbria were still to be finalised because the Eden Valley League Executive had indicated that they did not wish to accept any club from the Cumbria League. The revised Statement was approved, and it was agreed that TM would seek a further meeting with the Cumbria League.
TM would issue the Notice of the EGM before Thursday reminding clubs of their obligation to attend. Questions would be invited in advance.
11. Treasurer's Report:
Only a handful of Public Liability Certificates had been received. The post meeting email to clubs would include a reminder. KW reported that the insurance for the LMC had been renewed. It was agreed to purchase a laptop for the Treasurer’s use.
12. Correspondence
i) James Cutt (Lancashire Foundation) had written to the League to invite nominations for players for consideration for a League XI to play a two day game v Lancashire 2nd XI at Crosby in May. A number of names were discussed and it was agreed that PWils would contact clubs to see if the player wanted to put their name forward.
ii) It was reported that there had been damage to a dressing room at T20 semi-finals day at Carnforth caused by a player or players from Burneside CC. It was agreed that Burneside be presented with a bill for £75 for repairs.
13. Junior League issues to report
No issues to report other than it had been agreed not to charge clubs for under 9s teams.
14. Any Other Business
TW confirmed that PWile would meet with and present to Colin Ashton a Trophy in recognition of his contributions to the League and the award of Life Membership.
15. Date and time of next meetings

May 2nd 7.15pm Pine Lake
June 6th 7.15pm Pine Lake

The meeting closed at 9.50pm

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