Minutes of meeting of the Management Committee of the Westmorland Cricket League held at 7.15pm, 11th May 2017 at Pine Lake

Tracey Williams (TW)
Kevin Williams (KW)
Jeff Farrow (JF)
Peter Wilson (PeW)
Colin Twiname (CT)
Stephen Troughton (ST)
Dave McGonnigal (DMc)
Bob Pearson (BP)
Mike Spence (MS)
Peter Gladstone (PG)
Paul Wileman (PaW)

Apologies for absence:
David Hogg (DH)
Derrick Hackney (DH)



• Minutes of the previous LMC meeting had been circulated, approved and signed as a true record.

Matters Arising:
• From previous meeting
o None
• Since Agenda distributed and meeting held
o Ambleside vs Heysham Cup Match 7th May - non attendance of Heysham

Heysham's non attendance of the match in question was discussed prior to the actual LMC meeting.
The LMC asked for an official of the club and at least one player to attend and David Dixon, Andy Powers and Jamie Antcliffe did attend.
Paul Wileman, Mike Spence and David Dixon provided their versions of events to the LMC.
Heysham had already apologised to all parties affected, prior to the meeting and Heysham confirmed that this was an inexcusable oversight which should not have occurred. They apologised again on the night, accepting, that some form of punishment would be handed out.
Paul Wileman (as he is an Ambleside representative) left the room whilst the options were discussed.
The league rules (Rule 15f) do stipulate that non fulfilment of a cup match results in all teams for that club forfeiting all other cup games
The LMC at this time felt this was not the right course of action so the following punishment was agreed unanimously:
Heysham to pay all costs involved including
League fees for the Hackney and Leigh cup
Umpires fees
Contribution to the cost of the teas that were provided
This totalled £125. They are also expelled from the Hackney and Leigh cup This incident will be recorded and will be referred to in case there are any similar occurrences in the future.
Heysham accepted their punishment, were thanked for their attendance and left the meeting.

At this point the recent withdrawal of Warton and Milnthorpe second teams from the league was discussed. Also, Westgate second team's withdrawal from the Hackney and Leigh. As all of these notifications occurred before the start of competitive cricket, no further action was taken however, they will still be expected to pay League Fees for these competitions. Further discussions will take before the AGM to change the rules regarding registration of clubs into the league for the following season to try and avoid similar occurrences in the future.

Also Warton’s withdrawal from the H&L. Again it was decided that although the club should forfeit all other cup games this was not the right course of action at this time and they should be allowed to remain in the 1st Div cup

Secretary: (JF)
• Attendance of Captains Meeting
• Registrations email reminder sent to all clubs
• Handbooks email reminder sent to all clubs
• Email about Cup dates email reminder sent to all clubs
• Warton 2nds leaving league - email sent to all clubs
• Milnthorpe 2nds leaving league - email sent to all clubs
• Add contact - Leven Valley
• LCB - Umpires information
• Confirm Coniston email address
• LCB - email about overseas players - not distributed
• LCB - email about Talent Search - not distributed
• CCB - email about courses - not distributed as it was in Carlisle
o Coach Support Worker
o ECB Safe Hands for Club Welfare Officers
• Division 5 restructure - email sent to all clubs
• The secretary will ask CCB when the next League Association meeting is scheduled for and ask that it is sooner rather than later

Treasurer's Report: (KW)
• League fees have been sent to all clubs.
• Please note that these fees MUST BE PAID BY 1st JUNE
• Leven Valley fine for non attendance of EGM has been paid
• Handbooks were paid for.

Disciplinary Report: (DH)

• Nothing to report


• Player Registration
o All players now registered
• Handbooks
o All handbooks (bar Morecambe) now distributed
• Public Liability
o All received bar three
• League - The Way forward
In light of recent events following the withdrawal of two second teams from the league, the structure of the league will be under review over the coming months and there may be alterations to promotion/relegation. We actively encourage the clubs to make suggestions which can be discussed. An email will be distributed to all clubs to see what interest there would be in running a midweek league for the 2018 season
• Committee roles and honorariums
o The roles of all committee members will be listed with a rough estimate of how much time is taken to do each role each month.
o Unfortunately, Kevin James gave his resignation as Registrations/Statistics Secretary. The LMC would like to thank Kevin for all his work and the role will be taken forward by someone else.
• Technology
o Meetings are to be arranged with Pitchero and Playcricket with regards to their sites and what improvements can be made

Any other business:
• Clubs cup fixtures need to be provided to the Fixtures secretary as soon as possible.
• We were asked if we would be willing to use a guest speaker for this year’s league dinner but there is a commitment already in place.
• A clarification email from Galgate about umpires for divisional cups. For Divisions 3,4 & 5 Clubs need to provide their own umpires which should if at all possible be qualified or panel umpires. Mike Spence is happy to try and provide a panel umpire if asked

Date and location of next LMC meeting: 7.15pm, 8th June, Pine Lakes

Meeting Closed 21.25

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