Minutes of the WCL Committee meeting held on Thursday 16 January 2020 7.15pm at Pine Lake

1. Present

T. Williams (Chair), K. Williams, C. Twiname, P, Wilson, T. Mansfield, , P. Gladstone, P.McDermid, D. McGonnigal & T. Hadwin

Apologies: K. James, P. Wileman, & D. Hackney

In attendance: B. Simpson (item 2) P. Robinson (item 3)

2. Cumbria Cricket League Focus Group

The outcomes of a group formed to discuss the future of league cricket in Cumbria had been circulated with the agenda. It was noted that for various reasons WCL representatives had not been able to attend the two meetings held, but had expressed a willingness to discuss Bob Simpson explained the background to the group which was part of a plan to create clear pathways within the county ranging from recreational and social cricket to potential England representation. He acknowledged that the WCL has supported the concept of the pyramid structure and has a mandate from its member clubs following last April’s EGM to pursue the discussions.

The geographical constraints of the county were recognised, and it was noted that concerns had been expressed about any increase in travel time to and from games. However, it was pointed out that although there had been some reservations from clubs about travelling to Penrith that their two year involvement in the League did not seem to have led to any concerns from clubs about travel. There was general agreement about that it would be feasible to include clubs from the Barrow area in restructure that would include WCL clubs, but some mixed views about the area being extended to include Millom and Haverigg. The focus group had suggested that leagues seek the views of players, and it was felt by the Committee that would be important before any decisions were taken, but that it would be premature until there were definite proposals on the table. It was noted that the four Northern League/Palace Shield clubs had indicated that they intended to continue to play their cricket in their current leagues, and that there was no appetite from the Eden Valley League to extend their area. It was agreed that the Secretary would write to the Chair of the Focus Group to reiterate the support in principle of the WCL to a strengthening of the pyramid structure and a willingness to participate in further discussions at such point as the other Leagues in the county had reached the stage where they are amenable to change. It was agreed to seek views from Captains at the pre-season meeting about potential for change, recognising that the 2020 League Champions, if from Lancashire, will have the option of transferring to the Palace Shield for the 2021 season.

3. Disciplinary Sub-Committee Chair

Peter Robinson had volunteered to take on the role of Disciplinary Sub-Committee chair. He had proposed how the existing rules could be amended to incorporate Law 42, which the AGM had voted to adopt. It was recognised that aside from Law 42 existing rules needed to be retained, unless there was an inconsistency where it was necessary for the LMC change the rules in accordance with League rule 3b. It was agreed to co-opt Peter into the role, and that he would work with Tim Mansfield to update the disciplinary rules for sign off at the next LMC. The processes around appointment of Appeals Sub-committees would be clarified.

Whilst present at the meeting, Peter updated on the coach education courses. There were a few places outstanding on the March course and the fact that not all of the November participants had completed both days meant that there would be some carry forward to the next close season. Kevin Williams confirmed that he had received the Sport England grant. It was agreed that Peter would forward the invoice for the first course. When originally discussed it had been agreed that clubs would be required make a contribution towards the cost if attendees did not provide six sessions during the 2020 season. With a number of participants not having completed the coursework necessary for them to achieve accreditation, the Secretary was asked to write to clubs to remind them that if their members did not meet the requirements for funding then payment back to the League would be due at the end of the season. Peter was thanked for his work in coordinating the training and writing the bid for funding.

4. Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 9 December 2019

Approved as an accurate and true record.

5. Matters Arising:

i)​Meyler Cup

It had been confirmed that the four highest placed Lancashire clubs had been offered places in the competition for the 2020 season

ii) ​Treasurer succession

No volunteers had come forward for the role.

iii) ​Ground availability

Peter Wilson was compiling the list which Tim Mansfield would circulate with the LMC minutes to clubs for final checking.

6. Correspondence

i) ​Phil Sinclair had asked for LMC approval to act as Kirkby Lonsdale’s home umpire. This was granted.

ii)​The circumstances surrounding the withdrawal of Vickerstown CC were discussed. It was felt that the WCL had undertaken due diligence, but that in future clubs applying to join the League should be required to complete a formal application form, with signatures of all relevant club officials and pay League fees in advance for their first season. This would require a rule change which would be put to the 2020 AGM.
iii)​Tim Mansfield reported that the Westmorland Gazette reporter who has been instrumental in supporting him to increase local cricket coverage is leaving the paper at the end of January. This is a pity and thanks were given for his support.

iv)​Divisional structure for 2020. TM had written to clubs inviting clubs in Division 3/4 to express an interest in playing in a higher division in 2020. The deadline was January 31st, but no club had come forward yet.

v)​Silverdale CC had confirmed that they would be entering their own second team for 2020 in Division 3, rather than considering a merger with Arnside. [Subsequent to the meeting the Arnside Chairman confirmed that Arnside also anticipated sufficient player numbers for two teams]

7. Cup Competitions

i) The draw for the Division 1 Hackney and Leigh Cup was made:

Group 1 Bare, Group 1 Bare, Sedgwick and Arnside
Group 2 Milnthorpe, Trimpell and Heysham
Group 3 Warton, Shireshead and Burneside
Group 4 Carnforth, Silverdale and Westgate

All clubs will host a double header on a Sunday.
ii) There was a detailed debate about the structure of the Division 2 cup following the withdrawal of Vickerstown. It was recognised that the structure with three groups in 2019 had not worked smoothly. It was agreed that Tim Mansfield would write to Division 2 clubs giving them options and asking clubs to vote on the options. The highest scoring option would be adopted for 2020. One of the options included mixing Divisions, although that would need the support of the relevant clubs in Division 3 and 4. As a result it was agreed to defer the draw for the Division 2, 3 and 4 Cups until the February LMC.
8. Treasurer’s Report

KW reported that payment for cricket balls was outstanding from:
• Burneside
• Kendal
• Shireshead
• Ambleside (for Lord’s balls)

9. Play cricket update session

Tracey Williams suggested offering bespoke update sessions for all clubs before the season This was agreed. Updates would include:
• Junior as well as senior matches
• Processes for uploading cup matches and results
• Inclusion of umpire details (important as umpires will be marked in Divisions 1 and 2 and it is proposed that this will be through Play Cricket)
• How to include pool players so that their full names and statistics are included
With the new penalties for late or non-posting of results, clubs would be reminded of the importance of having a number of administrators
10. Handbook

Tim Mansfield would be requesting details of officers for the 2020 season, including Play Cricket administrators which for 2020 will be included in the handbook. The deadline for return will be 29 February.

11. Any Other Business

David McGonigal suggested that the League should formally adopt the ECB concussion protocol. This was agreed and it was suggested that it should be covered at the Captains’ meeting and at the pre-season SLACO meeting, and be sent to clubs for display alongside Safe Hands’ policies.

12. Date and time of future LMC meetings:

13 February 2020 7.15pm Pine Lake Resort
12 March 2020 7.15pm Pine Lake Resort
23 April 2020 7.15pm Pine Lake Resort

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