End of season presentation evening

By Tim Mansfield

Peter McDermid receives the League Achievement Award

The Westmorland Cricket League held its end of season presentation evening at Trimpell Social Club on Saturday. The prestigious League Achievement Award was presented by Peter Wilson to Peter McDermid who made his debut in senior cricket for Trimpell on the day of the World Cup final in 1966, went to Sheffield University where he played for the University team on grounds like Edgbaston before enjoying a spell at Morecambe in the Northern League prior to his return to Trimpell. At Trimpell, Peter has been responsible for the ground where he has created one of the best cricket pitches in the area, has been the opening batsman and a stalwart slow bowler but his greatest achievement has been in the development of young cricketers. Not only those now playing at Trimpell, but also at Heysham, Morecambe and other clubs, many cricketers had their first experience of the game thanks to Peter’s coaching and development.

In making the presentations, Peter Wilson made particular mention of the achievement of Stan Collinson who won the under 19 batting awards in both Divisions 2 and 4 whilst making over 1000 runs for Shireshead during the 2022 season, and of Heysham’s Richard Townsend who celebrated his 60th birthday in style by making his second hundred of the season.

Division 1

League Champions – Westgate

Runners-up - Heysham


3rd place Craig Buchanan 665 runs at 44.33

2nd place Adam Richardson 517 runs at 51.7

1st place Ben Phillips 765 runs at 76.5


3rd place Thomas Shuker 62 wickets at 8.33

2nd place Ben Phillips 35 wickets at 6.14

1st place Dylan Conroy 45 wickets at 5.64


3rd place Stu Mayor 17

2nd place Mike Bracken 18

1st place Damion Keegan 24


2nd place Lee Calverley, Chris Evans & James Royce 13

1st place Robbie Tattersall 14

U19 Batting Josh Allison Bare 203 runs

U19 Bowling Matthew Yarker Kendal 2 18 wickets

Hackney & Leigh Winners – Burneside

Runners-up – Westgate

Division 1 Team of the Year

Craig Buchanan
Lee Calverley
Ben Phillips
James Royce
Adam Richardson
Sam Calverley
Damo Keegan
Dylan Conroy
Jamie Cassidy
Tom Shuker
Zak Buchanan

Division 2

League Winners – Holme

Runners-up - Shireshead 2nds


3rd place Jacob Vaughan 367 runs at 40.78

2nd place Mike Burton 668 at 47.71

1st place Brendan Herron 735 runs at 56.54


3rd place Joel Bibby 34 wickets at 8.94

2nd place Barny Wileman 63 wickets at 6.9

1st place Lee Barnes 51 wickets at 6.80


3rd place Ben McGregor 14

2nd place Richard Herron 15

1st place Caleb Wilson 16


3rd place Mike Mead 11

2nd place Brendan Herron 12

1st place Sam Harrison 13

U19 Batting Stan Collinson Shireshead A 255 runs

U19 Bowling Aiden Weir Shireshead A 42 wickets

British Rose Cricket Winners – Shireshead 2nds

Runners-up – Holme

Division 2 Team of the Year

Brendan Herron
Paul Yates
Richard Herron
Mike Burton
Glenn Russell
Jon Mason
Lee Barnes
Joe Cowperthwaite
Barny Wileman
Mike Mead
Simon Shipperd
Reserves: Dan Sykes, Graham Kellett, Bob Davies

Division 3

League Winners – Heysham 2nds

Runners-up Morecambe 4ths


3rd place – Richard Townsend 509 runs at 42.42

2nd place- Chris Boak 311 runs at 62.2

1st place- Oli Battersby 485 runs at 69.29


3rd place- Chris Boniface 37 wickets at 7.27

2nd place – Bob Baldwin 40 wickets at 6.73

1st place - Mark Armistead 44 wickets at 5.45


3rd place- Dave Morgan 13

2nd place- Joe Entwhistle 15

1st place- James Hesketh 26


2nd place – Chris Boniface & Ian Semple 9

1st place - Rob Speak 13

U19 Batting George Battersby Morecambe 3 257 runs

U19 Bowling Jack Brown Bolton-le-Sands 28 wickets

Kendal Sports Trophies Winners – Morecambe 3rds

Runners-up- Leven Valley

Division 3 Team of the year

Kev Demain
Richard Townsend
Rob Speak
Oli Battersby
Danny Halstead
Aiden Yates
James Hesketh
Harry Wallbank
Bob Baldwin
Paul Moffatt
Mark Armistead
Reserves: Lee Pidgeon, Gary Entwhistle

Division 4


3rd place – Dave Sloan 475 at 43.18

2nd place – Stan Collinson 675 at 56.25

1st place - Mark Ward 691 at 69.1


3rd place - Dineshmanickam Annudurai 38 wickets at 7.76
2nd place – Liam Burrow 38 wickets at 7.68
1st place - Lauren Burgess 46 wickets at 7.67


2nd place Joe Letchley & Sam Weekes 6

1st place Harrison Thomson 8


2nd place – Jonty Collinson, Stan Collinson & Callum Little 10

1st place - Dineshmanickam Annadurai 11

U19 Batting Stan Collinson 675 runs

U19 Bowling Ethan Packard 32 wickets

Moon & Coxhill winners – Morecambe 4ths

Runners-up – Sedgwick 3rds

Division 4 Team of the Year

Mark Ward
Stan Collinson
Liam Burrow
Dave Sloan
Dineshmanickam Annudurai
Matthew Bailey
Nishanth Arun
Sunil Naikwadi
Dan Teasdale
Phil Hartley
Lauren Burgess
Reserves: Thomas Duke, Oliver Williams, Chris Chappell

John Thexton Trophy - Holme

Fair Play award

Equal Second – Holme & Windermere

Winners – Arnside

Most Improved Ground of the Year


League Achievement Award – Peter McDermid

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