Pool Players

Pool Players 2023

Aims and Objectives

The Ultimate aim of the Pool Player process is to reduce the number of games forfeited and to encourage participation of more players.
The process is in place to enable clubs struggling to fulfil fixtures to have access to approved players from other clubs who potentially aren’t playing that weekend.
It also allows players who aren’t getting regular cricket at their parent club to help other clubs in need of players.
Suggested rules and process starting from 2023 season.
1. For a player to be placed onto the pool list.
a. They must be registered with their parent club or the WCL.
b. The Individual requests they are placed on the pool.
c. All details to be provided (name, DOB, contact number)
d. Players will then be categorised by the WCL (see 4)

2. The club intending to use a pool player.
a. Only players on the official pool list can be used.
b. Must request permission from the league in line with Eligibility rules.
c. Must register the player (in the normal way, with prefix PP before the name)

3. Players who play on the pool
a. In line with the dual registration process. A player can only play for one club per weekend. (ie can’t play for parent club and another, Saturday then Sunday)
b. Pool Players can only play for the same club on 3 occasions in any season.
c. Players can not pool for a club in their own division, except for Division 4.
d. If a player is under the age of 17 then rule 3a, b and c do not apply.

4. Categorisation of players
a. All registered pool players will be categorised to ensure greater integrity of the league.
i. Category A – Can Play in any division in the WCL
ii. Category B – Can play in Divisions 3 and 4 only
iii. Category C – Can play but with restrictions determined by the Eligibility Committee.
b. General rule of thumb, for Cat C players if pooling down restrictions will be applied.
Categorisation of players will initially take place prior to the season, and then on a 2-weekly basis.
This will stop the use of last-minute requests for players who aren’t on the pool.
As with Transfers and Dual Registrations, Pool Player process closes on Aug 1st, after that date no new requests will be accepted.
All the above should help to ensure the integrity of our league and also maintain the ability for players to help other clubs fulfil games.

An up-to-date list will to be emailed to all captains on a monthly basis, or the website to be updated following each update of the pool.

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