Pool Players

RULE 10 (i) amended under rule 3b May 19 2022

A player may play for a club other than the one holding their registration without formal transfer subject to the prior consent of a quorum of the League Management Committee and the club holding their registration. Such initial request for consent must be made no later than 72 hours preceding the match to the Chairman of the Eligibility sub-committee.. Once approved, further approval need not be requested again that season.
A list of all players approved under this rule will be available to all clubs (below)
The registered club will always take priority in selection issues.

A player may only play for their registered club in any cup competition.

Any formal transfer under rule 10e would override this rule

(1) To be placed on the pool list a player needs to apply to the Eligibility Committee through their home club and must have informed their home club, this needs to be done no later than 72 hours preceding their first match.
(2) On acceptance of any player to be placed on the Pool Player List, Players will be notified of the Lowest Division they can Pool into and also of any other Batting, Bowling and Wicket-Keeping restrictions that the Eligibility Committee see necessary to place on the pooling player. These restrictions will appear with the players contact details on the League Website.
(3) The Eligibility Committee may also feel it necessary to adjust the above restrictions as the season progresses.
(4) A Team must have 7 of their own registered players before they can use any Pool players, they can then use a maximum of 3 Pool Players in any one league game.
(5) If on any day a player selected for their home club, that player must play for that club’s team rather than being a pool player
(6) Any player pooling down will have maximum restrictions imposed on their participation in the game, for players pooling up no restrictions will apply
(7) If a player is transferred under rule 10(e), the player will be removed from the Pool List, but their new club can apply to add the player back to the Pool List.
(8) If any Under 18 player wishes to join the Pool Player List, then the parent of any such player can apply directly to the Eligibility Committee on their behalf.
(9) First teams (or senior teams in the WCL) may use pool players as long as their second (or third or fourth team) does not have a game on the same day. Where a club is fielding two or more teams on the same day, the pool players must play for the team in the lowest Division.

The purpose of the pool player system is to support clubs to be able to fulfill fixtures. If there are any exceptional requests then they should be forwarded to Kevin.demain@sky.com and the Eligibility Committee will consider them within the spirit of the Pool Player rules.

Arnside Contact
Jason Bingley 07725 160645
Edward Hart 07832 116662

Lauren Burgess 07949 776340
Simon Burgess 07719 456832
Liam Burrow 07392 294350
Matthew Cook 07771 513535

Ryan Airey 07779 267969
Giles Holden 07891 014767
Johan Karunakumaran 07793 503438
Jack Thwaites 07534 514685
Siraaz Patel 07875 495512
Oliver Hall 07779 267969
Chris Marshall (dad) 07779 267969
Alfie Marshal (son) 07779 267969
Steve Hugginson 07909 116966

Jack Bewsher 07093 495 112

Mark Hughes 07894 342727

Steve Bowman
Jake Bowman (U16)

Julian Cann

Matthew Bailey (u16) 07779 243995
Brad Brentnall 07985 268431
Hrishi Desai Club
Alistair Howell 07860 396735
Dan Lawson Club
Tom Willacy Club
James Bailey (u14) Club

Ben Brown (u16) 07977 148530
James Sutcliffe 07894 489731
Matthew Sutcliffe 07894 489731

James Main

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