COVID Update

By Tim Mansfield

Important- please read

Everyone will be aware of the increased focus on the NW of England because of the rising infection rates in East Lancashire and Greater Manchester. It is important that we are seen to be complying 100% with the guidelines for cricket at Stage 4 or we risk an abandonment of the season. A lot of people both nationally and locally have done a great deal of work to 'get the game on' the least we can do is to ensure that the game is played on the basis of what has been agreed. In Luton in Hertfordshire competitive cricket has been abandoned as they have been moved back to Stage 3 of the 'Return to Cricket Roadmap'. It could happen here.

We will be reminding umpires that the COVID Regulations are NOT optional and ask everyone to share this message widely within their clubs.

Whether you agree with specific aspects of these regulations or not they MUST be enforced.

Umpires will be reminded to
- ensure that there is social distancing on the field
- no handshakes
- Non strikers MUST run on the 2 metre mark or beyond.
- Umpires MUST replace bails when they are removed by the wicket keeper.
-The ball MUST be returned direct to the bowler not passed around the field.
- Umpires should check at the toss that captains understand it is their responsibility to make sure all their team sanitise their hands when a hygiene break is called, and that both sanitiser and wipes are available on field.

If anyone has any concerns or just wishes to discuss any aspect then please let me know


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